Social Media


  • The Government of Canada’s (GC) Communications Policy states that the Communications Branch is responsible and accountable for LAC’s official social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Treasury Board Secretariat provides overall direction for social media account management within the Government of Canada. This includes oversight on the creation of accounts as well as technical specifications.
  • The Communications Branch has delegated authority to the Public Services Branch to manage the Twitter and Facebook Project Naming accounts as well as LAC’s corporate Flickr account.
  • LAC’s social media accounts support the department’s mandate and each account has its own content strategy and focus.
  • As an aside, Communications plays a leadership role in providing advice on personal and professional use of social media accounts for employees, however, it is ultimately up to each employee to use their judgment and apply the Code of Values and Ethics when using social media platforms.


  • LAC’s social media accounts are both communications and engagement tools.
  • The social media accounts aim to:
    • position LAC as relevant in today’s society;
    • position LAC as a key memory institution for Canada;
    • have conversations with existing and potential users;
    • highlight LAC’s programs, services and events;
    • build relationships with the GLAM sector and our municipal, provincial and international counterparts; and
    • help Canadians discover LAC’s collection.
  • LAC’s social media accounts have a strong following built up over several years. As of July 2019 (both official languages combined):
    • Over 66,000 followers on Twitter
    • Over 62,000 friends on Facebook
    • Over 5,000 friends on Instagram
    • Over 5,000 subscribers on YouTube
  • LAC has published memorable and “outside-the-box” posts, recognized in the GC social media community for being creative and having reached a greater number of people than usual posts (examples: April Fool’s Wolverine, Darth Vader visits new Preservation facility and 24 days of LAC with Santa).
  • In 2019–20, the Communications Branch is focusing on revamping and reviving the YouTube strategy as well as increasing engagement with various audiences.
  • Key public messages

    LAC is committed to connecting and engaging with stakeholders via social media to make its work, services and collection better known to Canadians.


    Cécile Lemaire, Director, Communications Branch
    Tel: 819-934-5877

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