Real Property Branch Overview


Scott Hamilton, Director General, Real Property Branch

Directors, divisions and mandate

Real Property Branch (RPB) is responsible for LAC’s strategic planning and real property portfolio management. The RPB ensures the development, implementation and updating of LAC’s Real Property Master Plan and operational activities.

Jean Allard, Senior Manager, Investment Planning and Portfolio Management

Responsible for LAC’s real property investments, building portfolio and long term real property planning.

Jennifer Côté, Senior Manager, Real Property Services

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of LAC’s assets, including responding to client requests and emergencies related to assets and facilities. She also supervises all mailroom and moving services operations.

Nathalie Ethier, Project Director, Gatineau 2

Responsible for the Gatineau 2 project, an essential part of LAC’s long-term infrastructure plan. This project includes the construction of a new ultra-modern preservation building to sustainably meet needs related to LAC’s analog archives collection and programs, the optimization of vaults at the current Preservation Centre, and the funding, maintenance and operation of both facilities.

Mario Gasperetti, Project Director, LAC-Ottawa Public Library (OPL) joint facility project

Responsible for managing the joint facility project, in collaboration with OPL and the City of Ottawa. Construction should be complete in 2024.

Priorities and risks


  • New LAC preservation facility
  • New joint facility with OPL
  • Continued development of LAC’s Real Property Master Plan
  • To strengthen the capacity of the RPB, and to hire the next generation of workers so LAC can meet its responsibilities as custodian of Canada’s documentary heritage


  • The Government of Canada has limited experience with public-private partnership (PPP) projects. The complexity of the procurement model may affect the timely delivery and the budget of projects.
  • The joint facility project with OPL presents a financial risk for the institution. Factors such as new sustainable development targets and the indexing rate may put pressure on the project’s budget.
  • Three LAC buildings are aging, and there are issues regarding space and the conservation of documents.
  • In April 2016, responsibility for custodianship of real property was transferred to LAC, without any additional human resources. Combined with the increasing reporting requirements of the Government of Canada and the complex management of two major construction projects, this responsibility places a burden on the RPB’s resources.
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