Public Opinion Research


  • LAC periodically measures, through various surveying instruments, the satisfaction of Canadians who use its services in addition to gathering information on how its services and programs can be improved to serve all Canadians better.
  • These survey results assist LAC in delivering on its mandate of acquiring, preserving and providing access to the country’s documentary heritage to all Canadians.
  • LAC’s surveys also support its ongoing efforts to meet the objectives of its three-year strategic plans, and help inform new iterations of these plans as they are developed.
  • LAC has been surveying clients for several years and results are generally comparable from year to year, revealing high degrees of client satisfaction with the services provided to them, with very few exceptions.
  • LAC’s major institutional survey targets both its existing clients and ordinary Canadians who are not necessarily users of its services, via online and other means (bookmarks for walk-in visitors, prompts for telephone inquirers, etc.)
  • In addition to its major institutional survey, LAC may periodically survey more targeted stakeholder clientele regarding very specific programs.


  • Public opinion research in the Government of Canada is subject to a multilateral approval process that involves Public Services and Procurement Canada, the Privy Council Office and the Deputy Head of the Department (in LAC’s case, the Librarian and Archivist of Canada).
  • LAC’s surveys are carried out by reputed private contractors selected through an established procurement process.
  • The next major survey cycle for LAC is scheduled to begin shortly after the electoral blackout period ends in the late fall of 2019.

Key public messages

  • LAC’s mandate is to acquire, preserve and make accessible the documentary heritage of Canada for present and future generations, and accurate survey data plays a key role in helping it achieve these goals for Canadians.
  • LAC’s surveys are one of the organization’s most important research instruments for gauging client needs and views regarding its existing and future services.
  • By reaching out to Canadians to glean their opinions and expectations vis-à-vis the organization and its work, LAC supports the Government of Canada’s objective to listen to and actively address the concerns of its citizens.


Marc Comeau, Manager, Public Affairs
Tel: 819-934-7528

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