Public Events Approach


  • Make people aware of LAC’s mandate and its experts and collection, and highlight their value with Canadians. Examples include:
    • Signatures Series
    • Wallot-Sylvestre Seminars
    • Lectures with partners
    • Genealogy events with BAnQ and the Société de généalogie de l’Outaouais
  • Pursue and develop a dynamic and innovative public program with partners and other interested parties.
    • Public tours of the Preservation Centre
    • Book launches with Ottawa Public Library and the Ottawa International Writers Festival
  • Promote the visibility and relevance of LAC’s mandate within the community of the Canadian government.
  • Explore the possibility of increasing Canada-wide public programming through a proactive approach with partners and other interested parties.
    • LAC’s regional offices
    • Agreements with universities


  • LAC’s public events are appreciated by Canadians and well received by the media.
  • LAC and its partners have developed diverse public programming that encourages awareness, with a transparent approach that fosters openness and dialogue:
    • Smart Cities conference
    • ACFAS
  • LAC situates itself as a gathering place, a space open to the general public that encourages knowledge transfer.
  • LAC should continue its public activities with Ottawa Public Library in advance of the move to a joint facility, so Canadians will become familiar with this new way of working.

Key messages

  • LAC is essential to the transfer of knowledge and information management.
  • LAC encourages authors, historians and information managers to actively promote Canadian democracy and culture among Canadians.
  • Through its public programming, LAC actively participates in Canada’s democratic development.


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