Online Content Products: Blogs, Podcasts, Flickr


  • Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) Online Content team is responsible for creating curated online content highlighting collections and expertise at LAC. This unit works closely with subject matter experts in the published heritage, archival and reference sections. For this reason, Online Content and its main platforms (blogs, Flickr and podcasts) are under the Public Services Branch.
  • Online Content is distinct from LAC’s other communications channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the web, which are managed by Communications and do not delve as deeply into the collections or subject expertise of LAC staff.
  • The blog has had approximately 1.4 million views to date, and has recently published its 1,000th article. The podcast currently has 55 episodes in each official language, and is consistently ranked #1 in the Government and Organizations, National category on iTunes. Our Flickr sets have had almost 21 million views. These sets often accompany other products such as podcasts, blogs, and online content products.
  • The team also explores new platforms and applications of new technologies. For example, LAC has a Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) with Wikimedia Canada and Google Cultural Institute. The team has recently been exploring application of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality, to enhance access to our collection.
  • The Online Content team launched LAC’s first enhanced eBook, Lingua Franca: A Common Language for Conservators of Photographic Materials in 2017. It reached #1 position in Top Free Photo Books on iTunes, and continues to be used by conservation professionals and students all over the world. Plans are underway to develop an updated edition, which will include Spanish and Italian definitions.
  • Online content products are also an important part of LAC’s Indigenous digitization initiatives. Thirty-six blogs, three podcasts and an enhanced eBook are being developed as part of these initiatives, along with themed Co-lab challenges and Flickr sets. To date, nine blogs have been published and four others are currently in progress. Podcasts and an eBook are in development.


  • Efforts are ongoing to ensure better coordination and collaboration between Online Content and Communications and to ensure that the functions of all platforms and the ways in which they interact with the website are clearly defined. Online Content has a key role to play in ensuring that the elements of the website that connect users directly to our collections are user-friendly and seamless.
  • A process is underway to refine the main purpose of each platform and how success should be measured.

Key Public Messages

  • This program is a key element of LAC’s strategy to making our collections better known through outreach and promotion.
  • These products are an effective way to engage our internal experts (archivists, librarians, curators, conservators, etc.) and promote their expertise and their roles within the institution.
  • As client expectations and the GLAM landscape changes, this program allows us to provide effective service to the public. For example, blogs allow us to address common questions from the public.


Jessica Ouvrard, Manager, Online Content
Tel: 613-715-4035

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