Prime Minister Harper Project


  • (withheld pursuant to s. 21(1)(d) of ATI)
  • Project phases include: pre-donation, donation, archival processing (ensuring access, preservation, monetary appraisal, and the certification of the records as cultural property), and an oral history component.
  • The project is currently in the archival processing phase, (withheld pursuant to s. 21(1)(d) of ATI), and is based at 395 Wellington.
  • (withheld pursuant to s. 19(1) of ATI)


  • Project funding includes support for human resources, physical infrastructure, information technology infrastructure and preservation infrastructure. Project funding is not provided to the donor.
  • Prime Ministerial archival projects can vary in cost based on the extent and complexity of records donated to LAC, as well as the length of tenure of the former prime minister.
  • The size and complexity of digital records created by the Right Honourable Stephen Harper during his tenure as Prime Minister is unprecedented. This reality brings challenges, but also many opportunities for LAC.
  • Any private citizen making a donation of cultural property to the government of Canada may be eligible for tax benefits. The establishment of the fair market value and the certification of cultural property are processes that occur independently from the donor and LAC.

Key messages

  • LAC received (withheld pursuant to s. 21(1)(d) of ATI) this fiscal year to assist in acquiring, processing, preserving and making accessible the private records of Mr. Harper.
  • LAC continues to work with Mr. Harper regarding his donations of private records to LAC. (withheld pursuant to s. 19(1) of ATI).
  • Discussions with former prime ministers for the donation of their private records are standard process. LAC does not comment publicly about the details of discussions with any potential donors.


Mireille Miniggio, Director, Science and Governance Private Archives
Division/Emily Reza, Project Manager, Prime Minister Papers
Tel.: 613-218-5670

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