TBS Policy on Management of Real Property


  • Real property and real property information are significant corporate resources that, when managed well, enable effective and efficient government programs, inform strategic decision-making and facilitate horizontal initiatives.
  • The management of real property is a systematic, structured process covering real property activities on a whole-of-life basis. It includes activities related to planning, acquisition, use and disposal, for which both custodian and tenant departments are responsible.
  • Ministers have administration of real property only in support of the mandated programs of their departments. Deputy Heads are accountable to their respective minister and to the Treasury Board for the sound stewardship of these assets in accordance with legislation, regulations and Treasury Board policy instruments, which promote due diligence, ethical behaviour and sound management practices, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability and value for Canadian taxpayers. They are also responsible for ensuring real property is managed in a manner that fulfills any legal obligations with respect to Indigenous groups and that the honour of the Crown is upheld.
  • Objectives: The policy objectives are to ensure real property is managed in a sustainable and financially responsible manner throughout its life cycle, and to support the cost-effective and efficient delivery of government programs.
  • Expected Results: The expected results of this policy and its associated directive and standards are:
    • effective and efficient management that enables program outcomes and serves broader government objectives;
    • financially responsible management that maximizes the long-term economic advantage to the Crown and provides best value to the Canadian taxpayer;
    • barrier-free access and use of federal real property and services that ensures inclusiveness and non-discrimination;
    • cultural and environmental stewardship that contributes to the preservation and protection of our heritage and the environment; and
    • fair, open and transparent transactions that ensure equitable treatment.


  • Evolving away from its previous role as tenant in Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) facilities, LAC’s stewardship and management of real property require policy development for key functional areas and responsibilities.
  • Owner/Investor/Stewardship Function. LAC shall be solely responsible for all fundamental decisions on use, operation, development, disposal and investment decisions affecting Crown-owned and leased capital assets.
  • Service Management Function. The service management function involves the acquisition and oversight of real property services so that capital asset integrity is maintained; clients and users are fully supported, including tenant services; codes and regulations are respected; and adequate reporting is available to support owner/investor decisions.
  • Service Delivery Function. Service delivery involves the actual provision of services through the entire spectrum of property and project management activities for LAC’s capital assets across Canada. The change in custodianship means ultimate authority and accountability for property and project management and expenditures shall reside with LAC.
  • Lease Administration and Facilities Management Function. Lease administration of any leases included in LAC’s Service Agreement with PSPC. LAC’s decision-making will be guided by alignment of its real property planning to LAC’s core responsabilities to ensure alignment of activities with strategic outcomes.

Key Messages

  • The Librarian and Archivist of Canada is accountable to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and to the Treasury Board (TB) for the management of real property assets and acquired services for the organization in accordance with TB policy directives, and for tracking and reporting on departmental performance and compliance for the management of real property.


  • Annie Bélanger, Senior Planning Officer, Investment Planning and Portfolio Management Division—email: annie.belanger@canada.ca; tel: 613-716-6994
  • Jean D. Allard, Senior Manager, Investment Planning and Portfolio Management—email: jeand.allard@canada.ca; tel: 613-818-2817
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