Publisher Outreach Strategy (for Legal Deposit)


  • The Art of the POSsible: Publishers Outreach Strategy 2017-2020 was approved in October 2017 with the objective of creating new and deepening existing relationships with Canadian publishers.
    Its three pillars are:
    1. client relationship management,
    2. monitoring participation, and
    3. business intelligence.
  • Results to date include establishment of regional portfolios, a new key performance indicator (KPI), service improvements including electronic receipts and claims, and 32 in-person outreach meetings to individuals and organizations in three regions, which resulted in additions to the collection.
  • Implementation of the new integrated library system and trusted digital repository will enable significant improvements in services to publishers.
  • Stemming from the POS, the action plan for 2019-20 is in approval.


  • The focus from 2017 to 2019 has been on relationship building and raising awareness of the Legal Deposit Program, and establishing a reliable participation indicator. Library and Archives Canada (LAC) received positive responses and useful feedback from stakeholders.
  • The rate of participation by active publishers (active is defined as those in receipt of federal funding), is the new KPI for Legal Deposit. A methodology piloted in 2018 reflects participation rates of:
    • 79% for monographs
    • 27% for serials
    • 7% for music
  • The above areas will be targeted for outreach in the future.

Key Public Messages

  • LAC is working directly with the Canadian publishing community to foster maximum participation in the Legal Deposit Program.
  • A new orientation towards client relationship management appears to be well received by the publishing community.
  • The participation rate in the Legal Deposit Program measured in 2018-2019 was 79% (federally funded publications).


Alison Bullock, Director, Published Acquisitions Division
Tel: 613-292-4871

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