Overlap Study on Federal Government Print Publications


  • In 2018, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) established the Canadian Collective Print Strategy Working Group (CCPSWG) to design and implement a national strategy of collective print preservation and access. (Project charter and deliverables)
  • In January 2019, LAC and CARL sent a joint letter to CARL member libraries to solicit their participation in the first National Overlap Study (NOS) on Canadian federal publications.
  • 25 Canadian libraries are currently working with LAC and the partners in the CCPSWG.
  • The purpose of the NOS is to identify, track, and preserve a minimum number of copies of print federal government publications in Canada.


  • The NOS is funded by Library and Archives Canada.
  • The NOS is the first of its kind in Canada, and may be unique in its national scope.
  • Phase 1 was completed by March 31, 2019, and consisted of uploading all the data from the participant libraries into the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) hosted by the GreenGlass analytics tool.
  • Phase 2 began early in April 2019, and consists of:
    • participants reviewing their data
    • a retention framework (being developed) and applied to the data in GreenGlass (fall 2019)
    • final weeding by participants
    • data download to individual library catalogues (winter 2019)
    • retention commitments will also be visible in the National Union Catalogue

Key Public Messages

  • The National Overlap Study on federal government documents is a joint LAC-CARL initiative, along with 25 library partners.
  • Retention commitments will be visible in the National Union Catalogue, VoilĂ , and Aurora, and in individual libraries’ catalogues.


Monica Fuijkschot, Director General, Published Heritage Branch
Email: monica.fuijkschot@canada.ca
Tel: 819-934-7252

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