Organization Chart—Communications Branch

Director General

Renee Harden

Senior Advisor, Planning and Coordination

Marie-France Leduc

  • Main point of contact and liaison for the DG’s office with the OLA and sectors on key corporate issues
  • Manages administrative support and HR/finance planning for the Branch

Director, Digital and Corporate Communications

Cécile Lemaire

  • Manages delivery of digital communications services (web, social media and intranet) for the organization
  • Manages corporate and internal communications services (corporate publications, speeches, formal communications between senior management and employees, support for major government and LAC initiatives)
  • Guides the work of the Linguistic Services team (coordination of translation, revision and consistency of products for the public, development of LAC reference guides, etc.)
  • Acting DG, in her absence

Manager, Marketing, Outreach and Promotion

Peggy Thériault

The section provides personalized marketing advice, services and support to senior management and LAC sectors with respect to:

  • Public awareness, activity planning and logistical support
  • Management of LAC’s outreach events
  • Graphic design and multimedia services
  • Advertising for exhibitions and public events

The section is also responsible for conducting tours of thevities, to maximize the visibility, impact, and accurate and positive portrayal in the public sphere of LAC’s main programs.

    Maintains close relationships, attends meetings, etc. with LAC programs, to gather information to harmonize and nurture communications support work
  • Develops communications plans and products
  • li>Media relations, monitoring and training li>Public opinion research activities li>Issue management and public environment analysis li>Audiovisual material production (e.g. videos) /ul>

    Manager, Digital Communications

    Tina Grznar

    The web and social media team leads on LAC’s web presence and social media accounts, namely the corporate Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts.

    • Provides advice on digital communications strategies and tactics
    • Leads on web renewal activities, including information architecture, web content review and user research, and works with ICIOB on technical specifications
    • Develops social media content and campaigns
    • Engages on social media platforms
    • Provides web and social media metrics and analysis
    • Publishes web content

    Manager, Corporate Communications and Linguistic Services

    Carole Grenier

    • Manages internal communications and intranet
    • Just Between Us messages to employees
    • Promotes government and organizational priorities (Workplace Charitable Campaign, National Public Service Week, annual Public Service Employee Survey, etc.)
    • Organizes the annual LAC all-staff meeting
    • Prepares speeches and presentations for the Librarian and Archivist of Canada
    • Produces publications (Signatures magazine, annual report).
    • Coordinates translation for LAC and liaises with the Translation Bureau
    • Edits and comparative edits, in both languages, products for external audiences

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