Organization Chart—Corporate Services Sector

Assistant Deputy Minister & Chief Financial Officer EX-04

Anick Ouellette

2018–19 Financial Year-End Results: $ 47,983,117
As of June 30, 2019: 239.2 FTE

Senior Planning Officer AS-05

Sladjana Poletan

Key point of contact and liaison for the ADM’s Office; liaises with LAC senior officials in order to consult and provide/obtain information to resolve problems; and sets strategic priorities and objectives.

Director General, Human Resources & Security EX-02

Nancy Taillon

  • Responsible for providing operational services, delivering programs, and providing advice, guidance and recommendations to management on human resources, security and emergency management.
  • Nancy is also the Head of HR and Chief Security Officer at LAC.

Director General, Financial Services & Procurement Branch EX-02

Karine Paré

  • Responsible for providing support and advice to management in various areas of finance and procurement necessary for LAC’s program delivery.
  • Karine is also the Deputy Chief Financial Officer at LAC.

Director, Corporate Planning & Accountability EX-01

Julie St-Laurent

  • Responsible for leading the internal functions of monitoring and audit liaison, evaluation and corporate planning, performance and project management.
  • Julie is also the Senior Designated Official for Project Management.

Director General, Innovation and Chief Information Officer EX-03

Surinder Komal

  • Responsible for providing information technology and information management to best support LAC’s key functions of acquiring, preserving, and providing access to Canada’s documentary heritage.
  • Surinder is also the Information Management Senior Official at LAC.

Director General, Real Property Branch EX-02

Scott Hamilton

  • Responsible for the strategic planning and management of LAC's Real Property portfolio.
  • Scott is also leading two major projects:
    • Library and Archives Canada's new preservation facility (Gatineau 2);
    • The new joint facility with the Ottawa Public Library.

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