Open Government/Open Information


  • Open Government is about making government more accessible to everyone. This means giving greater access to government data and information to the Canadian public and the business community.
  • By March 2020, LAC will launch an open source tool called Harmonized Viewer for viewing images, PDFs and audiovisual material online.
  • LAC must also comply with the Directive on Open Government and the identified deliverables for open data and open information.
  • The CIO is also the Departmental Information Management Senior Official and is responsible for approving all releases of LAC data sets.


  • As part of the Government of Canada’s 4th National Action Plan on Open Government (2018–20), LAC’s open source initiative was made public via the Open Government Portal. Quarterly reports will be provided to Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS).

Key messages

  • Harmonized Viewer will follow the Government of Canada open source standards, incorporate relevant international standards, meet web content accessibility guidelines, and have a bilingual interface.
  • Creation of the LAC Operational Open Government Working Group:
    • Review and implement LAC business process to identify operational information resources of business value for release on the Open Government Portal.


Dominique Bouvier, Director, Content Management and Delivery Systems (CMDS)
Sylvain J. Richard, Director, Information Management and Collaboration Systems
Tel: 613-295-8073/613-292-3233

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