Management Accountability Framework (MAF)


  • The Management Accountability Framework (MAF) assessment is an annual process led by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), to assess seven specific Areas of Management (AoMs) and measure organizational performance against these areas. Each AoM represents a key internal business function that is critical to the public service. They are: financial management, people management, IM/IT, results management, security management, management of assets and acquired services, and service management.
  • As a small department and agency (SDA, budget <$300M), Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is assessed under two of the seven AoMs:
    • Financial management, to determine if the department is fulfilling specific comptrollership responsibilities in the areas of internal control management, transfer payments and external service fees
    • People management, to monitor implementation of targeted human resource policy requirements and corporate commitments in employee performance, official language capabilities, organizational efficiency, mental health and wellness, and workplace diversity
  • Each AoM is assessed through a set of recurrent and new questions answered in part by TBS, through already available data, and by departments, through self-assessment.
  • The 2019–20 assessment process will start at the end of September. Departments will have until the beginning of November to provide their initial responses and evidence to the questions, and then until February to submit their final responses, which will be subject to TBS validation.


  • LAC’s results from the 2018–19 assessment were highly favourable and exceeded the results of other SDAs for the most part. LAC is encouraged to continue its efforts for the next MAF cycle.
  • TBS identified only one management priority for 2019–20: LAC’s results for the second language capacity of its non-executive supervisors and employees who communicate with and serve the public were below MAF’s performance expectations (LAC = 47%, MAF target = 80%, SDA average = 62%). It is recommended that the organization make efforts to ensure the capability of its employees in their second official language.

Key messages

  • As evidenced by the positive results of the 2018–19 MAF assessment, LAC has put in place strong oversight mechanisms and management practices in the areas of financial management and people management.


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