• Each year, LAC submits a three-year IT plan to Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS).
  • The Plan outlines broad strategic directions, as well as specific IM/IT projects and activities, for the three-year period.
  • The Plan is submitted both as a written document (due March 31) and data input into TBS’s Clarity application for IT plans (due at intervals throughout the year).
  • A GC Prioritization Framework is applied to all projects and activities, which allows Shared Services Canada (SSC) to prioritize its workload.
  • Most recent plan: LAC IT Plan 2019–22


  • LAC projects and activities typically do not rank as high priority, because the GC Prioritization Framework favours Canadian health, safety and security portfolios. A strong partnership between LAC and SSC helps to advocate for LAC’s projects and priorities.

Key messages

  • LAC has made significant strides adapting to the digital world.
  • LAC is committed to supporting a digital society.
  • LAC will focus on creating responsive, flexible, and continually-evolving technological capabilities to manage Canadian cultural artifacts in digital form.


Gary Cleveland, Manager, Innovation and Chief Information Officer Branch
Tel: (613) 852-8373

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