LAC Information Management Strategy to 2020


  • As per Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) Directive on Recordkeeping, GC departments must develop and implement an Information Management (IM) strategy.
  • It is the departmental Information Management Senior Official (IMSO) responsibility to oversee the development and implementation of the departmental IM strategy.
  • The LAC IM Strategy to 2020 was approved by the Librarian and Archivist of Canada in February 2017 and is being implemented by the Innovation and Chief Information Officer Branch (ICIOB) in collaboration with the various branches.
  • Highlights of the IM Strategy to 2020:

    • Strategic Goal 1: Insight
      Employees will gain insight into how to exploit existing information assets and knowledge resources.
    • Strategic Goal 2: Integration
      IM will be invisible and integrated within business processes.
    • Strategic Goal 3: Improvement
      Improved IM practices will help LAC meet its obligations.


  • An IM Action Plan in support to the LAC IM Strategy to 2020 was developed and its implementation is ongoing.
  • The LAC IM Strategy will have to be reviewed to ensure continuity beyond 2020.
  • LAC’s IM maturity score is at 100% according to the TBS Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT). LAC obtained this maturity level in October 2018.

Key messages

  • IM practices are well integrated in LAC’s business processes.
  • Continuous effort is made by the Information Management and Collaboration Systems (IMCS)/ICIOB to ensure IM best practices are included in IM tools and systems for all LAC employees to use.


Sylvain J. Richard, Director, Information Management and Collaboration Systems
Tel: 613-292-3233

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