Innovation and Chief Information Officer Branch Overview

DG & Branch

TBD, Innovation and Chief Information Officer Branch

Directors & Divisions

Dominique Bouvier, Director, Content Management and Delivery Systems
Sylvain J. Richard, Director, Information Management and Collaboration Systems
Simon Pageot, Director, Innovation & Digital Transformation
Isabelle Tanguay, Director, Infrastructure, Operations and IT Security


Information technology and information management support the three pillars of LAC’s mandate because progress in digital technology continuously changes the traditional practices of documentary heritage institutions. The Innovation and Chief Information Officer Branch (ICIOB), which focuses on information technology and information management, has both an operational and a strategic role in this regard at LAC.

Strategically, ICIOB is accountable for the development and oversight of LAC’s digital strategy. In concert with the Operations Sector, ICIOB implements the systems and infrastructure that will best support LAC’s key functions of acquiring, preserving and providing access to Canada’s documentary heritage. ICIOB is also accountable for the development and oversight of LAC’s Information Management Strategy and Information Management Action Plan. In this role, the Chief Information Officer, acting as the Information Management Senior Officer, is responsible for putting in place mechanisms and training to ensure the appropriate handling of LAC’s information assets.

Operationally, ICIOB provides a wide range of information technology services:

  • Designs and implements technical solutions that support program and administrative activities
  • Leads the LAC enterprise architecture review board (EARB) and ensuring alignment with GC EARB
  • Leverages technology to ensure that LAC’s rich content is always more easily and efficiently discoverable
  • Offers desktop support and fulfilling incident and service requests for all LAC employees through our IM/IT Service Desk
  • Provides IT security support and strategy for LAC
  • Centre of expertise responsible for all IT needs for building, buying or using off-the-shelf or open-source solutions
  • Manages records (digital and physical)
  • Supports LAC’s IT infrastructure through infrastructure operation and liaison with Shared Services Canada

Priorities & challenges

Priorities for 2019–20

  • Increase ICIOB service management maturity:
    • Service desk system
    • Online interactive IM training
  • Improve IM/IT support for LAC business capabilities:
    • Continued migration of end-of-life applications
    • Continued enhancement of LAC’s enterprise search infrastructure
    • Pilot projects
    • Cloud-based service for delivering audiovisual content to LAC users
    • Business analysis towards the replacement of LAC’s archival information management systems
  • Increase compliancy with GC policy directives:
    • IT security measures
    • Implementation of a data catalogue
    • Data strategy roadmap implementation
  • Enhance LAC’s enterprise architecture:
    • Exploration of a cloud storage strategy and architecture
  • Effect digital transformation:
    • Automation of business processes using a cloud based DAMS
    • Cloud-service for delivering audiovisual content
    • Replacement of MIKAN
    • Renewal of LAC’s website

Key Challenges

  • Infrastructure renewal and cost associated to it (ex: Wi-Fi, storage, etc.)
  • Prioritization framework and costing model from SSC and associated delays
  • Demand for IT resources far exceeds availability
  • Cloud-first directive—to build the expertise that will allow LAC to leverage the possibilities offered and to ensure security
  • Supporting aging systems in the face of staff retirements in the next three years
  • Business architecture calls for standardization of business processes
  • Adoption of data governance and utilizing analytics for evidence-based decisions
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