Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) (Horizontal Priority)


  • 2017 was the last year of a three-year cycle of surveying employees and marked the transition to a survey that is now administered annually. This survey, across the public service, helps to follow up on issues and progress related to the workplace and employees. The 2018 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) mainly concerned key priorities, including wellness in the workplace, compensation, respect, diversity, harassment and discrimination, as well as other aspects of people management.
  • The results of the 2018 PSES are available on the Public Service Employee Survey website. You will find LAC’s results as well as those from the entire public service.
  • In 2018, the participation rate was 66.1% at LAC, a higher rate than that of 57.7% for the entire public service.
  • In 2018, LAC surpassed the results of the public service as a whole in most areas. LAC employees feel valued at work, like their work and believe that they can maintain good relationships with their immediate supervisors. However, it was noted that LAC needed to continue to be vigilant concerning its workplace.
  • This survey is an important source of information to guide people management at LAC. Several presentations on the results were given before various governance committees. Specific measures intended to address issues were added to various existing departmental plans, while senior management members were asked to identify and implement measures related to the results from their sector or branch.


  • This year, the PSES took place from July 22 to August 30, 2019. It was administered by Advanis on behalf of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer. This survey measured the opinions of federal public servants concerning their engagement, leadership, personnel, workplace, wellness in the workplace and compensation.
  • In the launch message, the Librarian and Archivist of Canada challenged employees to reach a participation rate of 70% at LAC, to surpass that of last year.
  • The designated champion at LAC for employee surveys is Nancy Taillon, Director General, Human Resources and Security. Her role is to promote the survey among employees in order to reach a good rate of participation.


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