GCworkplace Pilot Project


  • In April 2018, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) announced GCworkplace as the workplace accommodations standard for the Government of Canada.
  • In June 2019, Anick Ouellette, ADM of the Corporate Services Sector and CFO, announced the GCworkplace Pilot Project on a part of the eighth floor of Place de la Cité to test a proof of concept in a LAC environment. Approximately 100 employees, including three senior managers, will participate in the pilot project.
  • The Pilot Project will take an employee-centred consultative approach to design that will reflect employees’ professional requirements and personal preferences in the final space. This will be done through a variety of consultations at all levels, including focus groups (September 2019), surveys (September 2019) and space utilization studies (completed June 2019).
  • The Pilot Project is expected to be completed in June 2020, with results reported in January 2021.


  • This project will enable LAC to be seen as a leader in government for workplace modernization, with three senior executives (one assistant deputy minister and two director generals) vacating their offices to lead by example by working in an unassigned work environment.
  • The transition to GCworkplace requires a large culture change in how employees complete their tasks, as the space will be transformed into an unassigned-seating work environment. Although a thorough change management plan is being developed to support employees’ transition to this new way of working, the change can cause some concern with certain individuals.
  • This large project will require an investment into the workspace to improve to utilization rates of LAC leased office spaces. Although this initiative has the goal of improving the employee experience to support the attraction and retention of employees at LAC, a resulting benefit is that this consolidation of space will result in savings to the Crown, as well as in contributions to greening and sustainability initiatives. Having said this, discussions are in progress with PSPC to find sources of funding.

Key messages

  • The GCworkplace Pilot will allow LAC employees to test the new Government of Canada workplace design standard, while demonstrating our support for this GC initiative and the Clerk of the Privy Council's vision for an agile, equipped and inclusive public service.


  • Samantha Rao, Project Leader, Investment Planning and Portfolio Management Division—email: samantha.rao@canada.ca; tel: 613-882-8894
  • Jennifer Coté, Senior Manager, Real Property Services—email: jennifer.cote@canada.ca; tel: 613-608-1611
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