Financial Services and Procurement Branch Overview


Karine Paré, Director General, Financial Services and Procurement and Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Managers and sections

Julie Chartrand, Manager, Contracting and Materiel Management
Josée Beaulieu, Manager, Financial Planning and Resource Management
Éric Désautels, Manager, Financial Operations
Julie L’Écuyer, Manager, Financial Policies, Internal Control and Costing


The Financial Services and Procurement Branch is responsible for the following:

  • Adopt sound financial management practices, provide strategic advice and ensure the integrity of financial transactions
  • Provide policy interpretation and guidance for expenditure and revenue management
  • Provide support and advice to senior management and responsibility centre managers in various areas of finance and procurement necessary for LAC’s program delivery
  • Develop and monitor the financial delegation instrument
  • Perform financial operations activities
  • Manage organizational funding and budget allocations, and report on financial results to senior management and central agencies
  • Perform internal controls (due diligence) activities
  • Provide instructions, coordination and advice relating to the life cycle of material goods

Priorities and risks

  • Plan and implement the new financial system (GCFM) for April 1, 2020
  • Increase financial flexibility in reviewing our service fees, and seize opportunities to increase revenues and maximize cost recovery for the organization
  • Develop costing tools for the organization, to have a common and standardized approach, including activity-base costing
  • Emphasize, in particular, training relating to financial and contracting aspects for our clients
  • Align LAC’s budgetary authorities, to maximize their future use
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