Election 2019


  • Elections and cabinet shuffles are key opportunities for Library and Archvies Canada (LAC) to obtain records/information from politicians.
  • Archivists conduct research leading up to an election to identify targeted Members of Parliament based on LAC’s criteria, such as national significance and sufficiency, as well as the political archives acquisition strategy.
  • LAC works with the Prime Minister’s Office, Privy Council Office, Treasury Board Secretariat, Canada School of Public Service and Shared Services Canada to offer advice on managing information in a prime minister’s and a minister’s office.
  • LAC offers deposit services and advice to targeted politicians who are not seeking re-election, have gone through a cabinet shuffle, or have lost an election.
  • A change of government may lead to a Prime Minister project.
  • LAC has original records from all former prime ministers except for the Right Honourables R.B. Bennett (his brother decided to donate his papers in his province of origin, to the University of New Brunswick archives) and John Diefenbaker (records are part of the University Archives and Special Collections at the University of Saskatchewan, where he studied and the province where he lived most of his life), for which we have copies. Prime ministers decide to dispose of their private records in the way they wish. Based on parliamentary traditions, most of them have donated their records to be included in the national archives collection


  • The Librarian and Archivist of Canada initiates contact with the Prime Minister once approval has been obtained from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Clerk of the Privy Council.
  • Depending on interest from the outgoing Prime Minister, LAC seeks policy approval for a PM project from the incoming Prime Minister and Finance Minister.
  • LAC seeks funding approval for a PM project through the appropriate funding mechanism.

Key public messages

  • LAC offers deposit services and advice to targeted outgoing and shuffled politicians.
  • LAC initiates a Prime Minister project in collaboration with an interested outgoing prime minister.
  • LAC works in close collaboration with other stakeholder departments to ensure the appropriate management of information in a minister’s and prime minister’s office, and the preservation of information of historical value.


Mireille Miniggio, Director, Science and Governance Private Archives Division
Elizabeth Mongrain, Manager, Governance, Military and Political
Email: mireille.miniggio@canada.ca
Tel.: 613-218-5670

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