• The Digitization Services Division (DSD) is responsible for the digitization of Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) analog still-image collections for both long-term preservation and access purposes. The team delivers high-quality digital surrogates of LAC’s collection using its state-of-the-art platform and highly qualified staff.
  • DSD is divided into four sections: Technical Planning, Digitization on Demand, Major Projects, and Special Projects. These teams are located in various LAC buildings in the National Capital Region: 395 Wellington Street (Ottawa); 550 de la Cité Boulevard, 625 du Carrefour Boulevard and 680 des Affaires Boulevard, in Gatineau, Quebec.


  • Over the past few years, the division has adapted to the project needs.
  • The division is currently composed of 43 indeterminate positions, which are not always fully funded. As a result, it is difficult to plan long-term projects and commit to the Preservation Plan for purposes of long-term digitization.
  • Through the digital optimization work at LAC, DSD has costed additional permanent resource requirements to produce upwards of 10 million images per year.
  • LAC’s digitization strategy is over 10 years old. While continuously being in reactive mode, DSD mainly responds to client requests and projects according to received funding. This practice does not permit a sustained plan or strategy to follow through with the long-term preservation plan.

Key Public Messages

  • In 2018-2019, DSD produced 5 million digital images from analog surrogates.
  • In 2019-2020, while continuing to serve internal and external clients, digitization efforts are supporting the Indigenous initiatives, litigation cases, the conversion of reference collections into digital format as well as other LAC priorities that may arise.


Sophie Dazé, A/Director, Digitization Services Division
Email: sophie.daze@canada.ca
Tel: 613-867-5078

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