Strategy for Digital Preservation


  • Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) digital (library and archival) collections are vulnerable to technological obsolescence, media deterioration and decay.
  • A digital strategy describing how LAC intends to develop a fully operational digital preservation program was approved in 2017.


  • More than 13 petabytes of digital material are in the Digital Archive at the Preservation Centre. This represents only a fraction of the digital collections that LAC has acquired over the years.
  • There is a need to establish a collections management framework to ensure that digital collections are systematically preserved.
  • LAC is in the process of implementing the digital strategy and focusses on three broad categories of activities: technical solutions, collection management, and operations.
  • We are testing Preservica as the technology to meet our capabilities for digital preservation, and will be reporting those results by end of fiscal year 2019-20.
  • Without migration and preservation of LAC’s current digital holdings, these collections will become completely inaccessible and are at risk of becoming permanently lost.

Key Public Messages

  • Digital preservation is the active monitoring or intervention to protect digital heritage content from technological obsolescence to ensure ongoing access.
  • LAC is taking a strategic approach to digital preservation.


Roslynn Ross, Director, Digital Preservation and Migration
Tel: 613-462-5601

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