Digital Optimization


  • To support execution of Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) Three-Year Plan, its Digital Strategy, and Treasury Board Secretariat’s government-wide Digital Operations Strategic Plan, LAC requires additional investments from the government.
  • Work is ongoing to define the investments that would most appropriately advance LAC’s digital optimization objectives, and a renewed digital management infrastructure.


  • The investments align with LAC’s digital management platform, which is a core deliverable of LAC’s Digital Strategy. The platform includes themes of:
    • Digital transfer
    • Digital asset management
    • Digital storage and preservation
    • Digital description and cataloguing
    • Digital access and discovery
  • The need for renewed infrastructure is acute and growing. As of 2015, close to 90% of Canadian publishers produced electronic publications, including 89% of small publishers and 100% of commercial publishers. For Government of Canada (GC) content, as of April 1, 2017, LAC requires that all GC institutions subject to the LAC Act transfer any archival records created after that date in digital format.
  • Without additional and sustainable funding for systems such as the Digital Asset Management System, a renewed Archival Descriptions Catalogue, as well as for digital preservation and storage, LAC will not be able to effectively receive, preserve, and make these records discoverable with the level of service Canadians have come to expect in a digital economy.
  • LAC’s current projected allotment for 2021-22 is $142 million. As an example, for the first fiscal year of funding, LAC would be requesting a budget increase of between 13% to 20% for digital initiatives. Specific amounts to be requested are being identified across LAC in Q2 of 2019-20.
  • LAC’s DG-led Enterprise Architecture Review Board is the governing body that will review and recommend what is to be included in the request. This determination will occur in Q2-Q3 of 2019-20.
  • Management Board approval will be sought in Q2.

Key Public Messages

  • As an institution dedicated to serving its clients, LAC is proactively working with its partners in government to ensure it can acquire sustainable financing to receive, process, and make discoverable the vast and growing volume of digital Canadian heritage of historic value.


Sylvain Bélanger, Director General Digital Operations and Preservation
Tel: 613-882-3935

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