G2 Collection Preparation and Move


  • The Gatineau 2 (G2) Collection Preparation and Move is a Treasury Board funded project (2019-2022) with an operating budget of $13.1 million. This is a sub-project of the much larger G2 construction project.
  • Project phases include the planning, preparation and move of 1.3 million containers currently stored in four different Library and Archives Canada storage facilities to their new home location according to the Post-2022 Analog Collection Storage Strategy and the Long-term Real Property Plan (LTRPP).
  • The project is in the first year of preparing the collections phase and is currently underway in two of LAC’s facilities (Renfrew and the Preservation Centre in Gatineau).


  • Renfrew Archives Centre is currently planned to close as part of Phase 4 of LAC’s approved LTRPP.
  • Physical and inventory control work, which is included in the project, is essential for retrieving collections placed in the new building, as it will be using an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). This means that it will not be possible to carry out physical shelf checks of the 236 km of collection material, in the event that our Collection Management System is not accurate and that LAC must solely rely on its collection management system.
  • Ongoing and timely support from Archives Branch is essential to the success of the project to resolve long-standing system issues in the collection.
  • During the move, internal and external client service standards for access may be temporarily changed to allow collections to move effectively.

Key Public Messages

  • A portion of the LAC collection will be moved to a new state-of-the-art facility with optimal environmental conditions, further supporting LAC’s mandate of long-term preservation of Canada’s documentary heritage.
  • By being equipped with an ASRS, the new facility will create efficiencies in the retrieval and circulation of the collection, while minimizing the physical handling of the collection and improving its long-term preservation.
  • By preparing the collection ahead of the move and making sure all the physical and archival data is accurate, Canada’s documentary heritage will remain safe and accessible to all.
  • Delays or changed service standards for delivery of collection material to internal and external clients will be minimal during the project.


Jean-Michel Smith, Manager, Collection Services
Email: jean-michel.smith@canada.ca
Tel: 613-894-4006

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