Collection Services


  • In 2018–19, we circulated 28,440 service copies from our published materials collection for consultation by external clients at 395 Wellington Street. In addition, within the National Capital Region, 43,892 archival records were circulated to our external clients and 59,885 to our internal clients. In total, over 131,587 containers were circulated in 2018–19. The Collection Services team always prioritized the external circulation of documents requested by Canadians, while meeting established service standards.
  • The Physical Control team coordinated the acquisition of 8,558 containers in 2018–19.


  • The team will be asked to actively participate in the identification of operational requirements (and related research) that result from replacing the circulation and access systems. It will help develop a solution to ensure the security of the collection at the new facility shared by LAC and the Ottawa Public Library, as well as develop a warehouse management system that supports the Gatineau 2 tracking system. The team also represents the Division to ensure it can meet the future needs of all users.

Key messages

  • Find a permanent solution and a viable and sustainable method for monitoring and tracking warehouse space in order to predict collection storage capacity problems and to support the acquisition of analog published, private and government documentary heritage resources.
  • Continue working with the Archives Branch to find a solution for the sector to address the imminent lack of storage space for the collection at current facilities as we await the construction of Gatineau 2.


Jean-Michel Smith
Tel.: 613-894-4006

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