Audiovisual Migration


  • Audio and video recordings, and motion picture films are becoming inaccessible because playback equipment is aging and obsolete, expertise to repair equipment is disappearing and the physical carriers are deteriorating.
  • In 2009, LAC began a planned migration of AV content to standard file formats.
  • Physical carriers that are at highest risk of loss due to obsolescence issues are migrated first.


  • Approximately 95% of the AV collection has copyright and/or donor restrictions. This means the content cannot be made publicly available.

Key Public Messages

  • LAC has approximately 650,000 hours of audio and video content and 100,000 motion picture films. The collection continues to grow.
  • As of June 2019, 207,171 hours have been migrated and 20,000 hours will be migrated annually.
  • Without migration, the content on audio and video recordings will become completely inaccessible.


Tina Harvey, Manager, Audiovisual Migration Section
Tel: 613-899-2561

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