Departmental Human Resources Delegation Instrument


  • Treasury Board, the Public Service Commission, and deputy heads of departments and agencies share the authority and responsibility for the management of human resources in the public service.
  • The central agencies delegate a number of authorities to the deputy heads of departments and agencies under the Financial Administration Act, the Public Service Staff Relations Act and the Public Service Employment Act.
  • Only the deputy head may sub-delegate human resources authorities to managers, as well as limit or revoke a sub-delegation, subject to certain provisions of the appropriate Act, under conditions specified by a central agency regarding the exercise of delegated powers and functions.
  • Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) Departmental Human Resources Delegation Instrument has been completely reviewed and was approved on March 27, 2017.
  • Managers must exercise their sub-delegated authorities in accordance with the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector, the LAC Code of Conduct: Values and Ethics, as well as the policies and directives of Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission.
  • Sub-delegated managers must consult human resources advisors to get advice and to ensure that the authorities are exercised in accordance with applicable legislation, policies, directives, collective agreements, and terms and conditions of employment.


  • The Departmental Human Resources Delegation Instrument is aligned with the human resources delegation authorities, staffing policies and guidelines, and the financial delegation instrument.
  • At LAC, the delegation system for human resources management is based on five levels of delegation of authority:
    • Level 1 – Assistant deputy ministers and directors general reporting directly to the deputy head
    • Level 2 – Directors general and directors reporting directly to Level 1 or the deputy head
    • Level 3 – Directors
    • Level 4 – Responsibility centre managers
    • Level 5 – Supervisors

A sub-delegated manager at a given level of delegation may also exercise the authorities of lower levels.

  • The prerequisites for a manager to have sub-delegation appointment authorities are listed in the Instrument:
    • Appointment for an indeterminate period or in an acting situation for a period of more than four months in a management group position at the EX level or equivalent
    • Successful completion of the required training and evaluations
  • Sub-delegated managers may exercise delegated authorities only within their own organizational unit reporting to them, with the exception of the Director General of Human Resources and Security, who is able to exercise staffing authorities for all organizational units under exceptional circumstances.
  • In 2019–2020, LAC will review the Departmental Human Resources Delegation Instrument, to resolve issues raised over the past year.

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