Cost Recovery for Alfred Pellan Room


  • LAC provides access to the Alfred Pellan Room at 395 Wellington Street to partners and other federal departments for events related to LAC’s mandate, without LAC’s participation as a partner. Events include:
    • Book launches
    • University lectures
    • Professional meetings
  • When not responsible for an event, LAC monitors the quality of its content and takes into account the coordination work required to rent the Alfred Pellan Room.
  • The cost is recovered using a document filled out and signed by the parties involved.


  • The multi-purpose Alfred Pellan Room is very popular with LAC’s associates.
  • Use of the room may become difficult to manage because of its popularity (some groups might complain about perceived favouritism toward other groups).
  • Greater use of the Alfred Pellan Room by third parties could affect LAC’s operational capacity to hold its own events and activities.
  • Media coverage resulting from events held by other institutions could increase when a public space such as the Alfred Pellan Room is used.
  • When LAC is not a partner, it should only authorize events related to its mandate.
  • Users must ensure that they follow all of the rules established by LAC, since they are responsible for the content and context of events.
    • The Communications team worked with the Finance sector on the rental agreement document for the Alfred Pellan Room.
    • This document states that LAC may cancel an event without notice if the rules in the cost recovery document are not followed.

Key messages

  • LAC will provide access to the Alfred Pellan Room, to make Canadian infrastructure profitable, though not to the detriment of the institution.
  • When LAC cannot be a partner but the event is in line with its mandate, the Alfred Pellan Room may be available for use under certain conditions.
  • The Alfred Pellan Room can be a site of co-operation and knowledge transfer on a number of levels, both for LAC employees and the Canadian public.


Peggy Thériault
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