Corporate Planning and Accountability Overview


Julie St-Laurent, Director, Corporate Planning and Accountability


Alexandre Geoffrion, Manager, Planning, Performance and Project Management
Lucie Beaudoin, Manager, Program Evaluation
Guy Viau, Manager, Monitoring and Audit Liaison


The Director of Corporate Planning and Accountability is responsible for leading the internal functions of corporate planning, performance and project management, program evaluation, and monitoring and audit liaison.

Corporate planning, performance and project management

  • Managing the integrated planning process and producing the Departmental Plan, the Investment Plan and the Corporate Risk Profile
  • Managing performance, monitoring and producing the Departmental Results Report, the Departmental Results Framework, LAC’s Three-Year Plan progress report, LAC’s fees report, the quarterly performance reports and LAC’s contribution to the Government of Canada Report on Multiculturalism
  • Coordinating the assessment of the Management Accountability Framework and the implementation of its action plan
  • Managing the Corporate Project Management Office (CPMO), which is responsible for overseeing LAC’s Project Management Governance Framework, including the gating process. The CPMO is also responsible for offering tools, guidance and advice for the management of major projects (>$1M), for reviewing all project documentation and for reporting on progress to the Resource Planning and Management Committee and to Management Board
  • Ensuring that LAC meets the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat policy requirements related to investment planning, reporting, performance measurement and project management

Program evaluation

  • Developing and implementing a five-year departmental program evaluation plan in consultation with the functional areas responsible for LAC’s programs
  • Developing program evaluation frameworks and plans
  • Providing advice to program areas (e.g. directors general, directors, managers and staff) responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring Performance Information Profiles, including performance measurement strategies, logic models, indicators and data collection strategies
  • Monitoring the progress of management action plans developed in response to evaluation recommendations

Monitoring and audit liaison

  • Developing and implementing a monitoring plan and updating it annually
  • Advising senior management on the adequacy of the Office of the Comptroller General’s (OCG) audit coverage
  • Recommending assurance services to ensure adequate coverage for risk management, control and governance when needed
  • Carrying out audits, reviews and continuous monitoring activities to offer adequate coverage of risk management and controls when needed
  • Coordinating audits conducted by central agencies

All functions of the Corporate Planning and Accountability division provide support to other sectors of LAC involved in preparing Treasury Board submissions.

Priorities and challenges


  • Implement the new Project Management Governance Framework and gating process
  • Produce quarterly reporting for LAC’s 2019–22 Three-Year Plan
  • Update LAC’s Departmental Results Framework for 2020–21
  • Conduct an audit function comparative analysis following discussion with the OCG
  • Table the review report of the management of loans from LAC’s collection
  • Table the audit report of the PM papers to the OCG’s Small Department Audit Committee
  • Carry out an audit of the G2 project governance
  • Publish two evaluation reports (1-Analog Preservation and 2-Co-Lab Initiative)
  • Develop two Terms of Reference for the future evaluation of 1-Public Programming and 2-Private Archives
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