Strategic Research Agenda


Strategic Research is one of the core functions within the Corporate Secretary, which provides senior management with evidence-based research products (mainly research reports and e-scans) that keeps them informed about socio-economic trends affecting memory institutions and supports their decision-making.

Following a call for research topics, the Strategic Research and Policy Division assessed the requests received from senior managers in relation to Library and Archives Canada’s (LAC) mandate and priorities. The current Strategic Research Agenda was approved by the Corporate Secretary, and presented to the Operations and Oversight Committee (OOC) on April 9, 2019. It is composed of six items (see the Appendix), with additional proposals on a waiting list to be assessed for addition to the agenda later this year, as time and relevance permits.

The Agenda is subject to change depending on the evolving research needs based on the priorities within business areas.


Strategic Research products are developed primarily for internal use to inform and support decision-making. Closely tied to LAC’s mandate and functions, the research is usually of a practical, rather than theoretical nature, and focuses on current trends having an impact on LAC.

Planning and scoping with business areas for 2019-2020 items, including validation of scope and timelines, has largely been completed. This ensures that the final research product meets the requesters’ information needs.

Strategic Research and Policy Division has established a process for the dissemination of its research products more consistently via internal channels, and externally as needed. In so doing, we ensure that all LAC staff benefit from the research undertaken, as well as some targeted stakeholders.

External partners (e.g. universities) have contributed to LAC’s strategic research in the past, and external stakeholders sometimes express interest in receiving LAC research products that we share with them when appropriate.


Jessica Squires, A/Manager, Strategic Research and Policy
Tel: 343-549-4725


Research agenda items for 2019-2020

Topic of research Objective (for validation) Requesting area,
proposed date
1. Consultation with Indigenous communities for exhibitions (best practices) Study of practices, implications of consultation Public Services Branch,
Dec. 2019
2. L’apport du patrimoine documentaire à l’épanouissement des communautés de langues officielles en situation minoritaire Study of practices in providing archival services to communities in a situation of linguistic minority Corporate Secretary,
Dec. 2019
3. Rights management and the development of oral histories Targeted research to identify issues and challenges Archives Branch,
Jan. 2020
4. Indigenous rights and the Government of Canada commitment to UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) /UNJOP Consultation, access by Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers to Indigenous content Deputy Librarian and Archivist,
Jan. 2020
5. Acquisition of social media for private archives International e-scan of other archival institutions’ policies and their application Archives Branch,
Sept. 2019
6. Biannual targeted e-scan First e-scan 2019-2020: Archives exhibition programming Public Services Branch, Oct. 2019
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