Sex and Gender Inclusiveness Champion


The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Sex and Gender Inclusiveness (S&G) Champion is responsible for socializing the Policy Direction to Modernize Sex and Gender Information Practices (the Direction) with LAC senior management and personnel to ensure that it is understood and implemented at all levels of the organization.

The LAC Champion will lead LAC efforts to implement and report to Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) on milestones from April 2019 to October 2020.

Throughout that period, Champions are expected to submit two progress reports and attend a number of meetings with other government department counterparts.


The Direction, an initiative of the Clerk of the Privy Council, was developed over a period of two years by TBS and Justice Canada to ensure that Canadians accessing public services have a consistent experience throughout the government concerning the collection of their sex and gender information, regardless of department or program. There was broad consultation within and outside of government and the Direction was ultimately communicated to departments in April 2019.

Departments have until October 2020 to put full implementation plans in place to meet the objectives of the Direction, which are outlined below.


  • Collection and Display: Determine if there is a need to collect and/or display sex or gender, and establish explicit rationales where needed.
  • Gender by Default (Sex by Exception): Ensure that information on sex is collected strictly as a matter of exception.
  • Reasonable Evidentiary Requirements: Downgrade the requirements to change a gender designation, where possible.
  • Non-Binary Gender: Introduce non-binary options whenever gender information is being collected and/or displayed.

LAC Approach

The S&G Champion is leading LAC efforts to implement Phase I activities, coordinating a working group identifying necessary changes within LAC, and reporting back to the group of Champions (verbally) and to TBS (in writing) about current progress and plans on implementation.


Denis Giroux, Chief of Staff, Corporate Secretariat
Tel: 613-720-5782

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