Organization Chart (Revised August 2019)—Corporate Secretariat

Corporate Secretary

Linda Savoie

Key stakeholders: PCH, Foundation, Friends of LAC

Chief of Staff

Denis Giroux

Director, Stakeholder Relation and International Affairs

Francesco Manganiello

  • Provides support and strategic advice on policy-related stakeholder meetings, incoming international delegations, and visits abroad (agendas, logistics).
  • Plans and supports meetings of the Stakeholders’ Forum; National, Provincial and Territorial Archivists Conference; and the Youth Advisory Council.
  • On international policy files, ensures liaison with key stakeholders, including Global Affairs Canada and Canadian Heritage (PCH).

Director, Strategic Research and Policy

Pascale Robichaud

  • Develops, reviews and provides advice on strategic policy instruments and horizontal issues.
  • Conducts strategic research to support LAC units.
  • Manages and coordinates legal consultations and issues.
  • Manages strategic partner relations (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums [GLAM]; universities; policy and research communities).

Office Manager

Caroline Larose

  • Manages the administrative staff and the Human Resources and financial planning of the Corporate Secretariat and Office of the Librarian and Archivist (OLA).
  • Ensures liaison and coordination with OLA and sectors on corporate matters.
  • Ensures efficient use of information systems in information management and operations that support OLA.

Director, Governance, Liason and Partnerships

Boris Stipernitz

  • Manages LAC’s grants and contributions program.
  • Develops partnership agreements.
  • Provides strategic and logistical support to governance committees and strategic events.
  • Ensures liaison with PCH (Question Period notes, ministerial correspondence), central agencies (corporate reporting), and other government departments, as needed.

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