Official Languages Champion

Role and governance

The champion takes a leadership role on official languages (OL), encouraging awareness of issues related to OL at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and supporting the application of the Official Languages Act at the institution. The champion acts in coordination with Human Resources and Security Branch, which is responsible for the OL program at LAC.

The champion chairs the LAC Official Languages Advisory Committee, which is comprised of directors who give advice on the challenges, issues and potential solutions concerning OL at LAC, including about programs related to LAC’s mandate.

2019–22 action plan

The plan sets organizational priorities in terms of OL, grouped under four themes: governance, work, workplace and labour.

Personnel representativity: LAC must provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to Francophone and Anglophone Canadians and ensure that its staff is representative of both of the OL communities in Canada. This is a particular challenge in the regional offices, especially in Vancouver and Winnipeg, where it is difficult to recruit Francophones.

Language of work: LAC must create and maintain a conducive environment so that employees in the National Capital Region feel free to work and express themselves in the OL of their choice. In order for this to be possible, LAC must ensure that senior management and employees in the organizational services (HR, IT, IM, etc.) are able to express themselves in both OLs.

Contact with the public: Every time that it communicates with the public or provides the public with services, both in person and remotely, LAC must be able to respond to citizens in the OL of their choice, whether in the nation’s capital or in regional offices.

Official language minority communities

LAC must implement measures to encourage the vitality of OL minority communities (OLMCs) in Canada. This means that LAC needs to support their documentary heritage institutions. Currently, the needs of OLMC archival centres and libraries require fuller understanding by LAC.

In initial consultations with stakeholders, the idea of organizing a national conference in which the archival centres and libraries would participate has received unanimous support so far. This conference will take place in May 2020 in Ottawa, with the potential participation of other partners (provinces/territories and universities). It was also agreed to create shared tools and directories and to develop training sessions.


Denis Giroux, Chief of Staff, Corporate Secretariat
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