Beyond 2020 (Horizontal Priority)


  • Since the launch of Blueprint 2020 in 2013, thousands of public servants have taken up the call to bring more innovation and collaboration to Canada’s federal public service.
  • Beyond 2020 builds on this success by offering a refreshed framework with a focus on mindsets and behaviours.
  • LAC’s Beyond 2020 Action Plan was created and communicated to employees and published on GC Collab.
  • Biannual progress reports will be created to demonstrate LAC’s progress, achievements and challenges.


  • By becoming more agile, inclusive and better equipped, LAC can better navigate a modern work environment that is increasingly characterized by data; digital ways of working and delivering services; new workplace design; and multiple generations working together.
  • LAC’s Beyond 2020 Action Plan was created based on recent employee feedback received during the internal consultations for LAC’s 3-year plan and a scan of current activities/initiatives that address the Beyond 2020 Areas of Focus.
  • LAC’s Beyond 2020 Action Plan focuses on six areas:
    • Embrace uncertainty and learn through experimentation (agile)
    • Create an environment where individuals are safe to express themselves (inclusive)
    • Expand partnerships and remove barriers to collaborate (inclusive)
    • Co-create by bringing different perspectives to the table (inclusive)
    • Design work environments to optimize performance (equipped)
    • Explore technology and tools to help employees be more effective in their roles (equipped)
  • Key initiatives will support LAC in achieving its selected Beyond 2020 outcomes and their progress will be measured.

Key messages

  • LAC will support and encourage excellence by providing its employees with opportunities to collaborate, expand their knowledge and explore new tools to achieve success in their roles.


Dominique Bouvier, Director, Content Management and Delivery Systems (CMDS)
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