2019 Policy on Government Security


  • The Treasury Board (TB) Policy on Government Security (PGS) provides direction to manage government security in support of the trusted delivery of Government of Canada (GC) programs and services, the protection of information, individuals and assets, and provides assurance to Canadians, partners, oversight bodies and other stakeholders regarding security management in the GC.
  • The PGS was reviewed and the new policy became effective on July 1, 2019. It has been updated to:
    • Streamline instruments and rules
    • Strengthen governance to include links to Emergency Management and National Security
    • Clarify roles and responsibilities
    • Strengthen security behaviour and culture
    • Position eight security controls at the policy level
  • The PGS and related instruments establish requirements to ensure security is managed as an integral component of departmental business processes.
  • It will enable informed decision-making related to security priorities, controls and risk acceptance, and will enable security to be a strategic priority that contributes to a whole-of-government approach to trusted program and service delivery and incident management.
  • Key requirements of the PGS:
    • Designate a Chief Security Officer
    • Have a three-year organizational security plan and review it annually
    • Establish an organizational security governance
    • Ensure that deputy head authority to deny, revoke or suspend security clearance is not delegated
    • Identify security and identity management requirements for all organizational programs and services
    • Ensure that security incidents and other security events are assessed, investigated, documented, acted on and reported

LAC Highlights

  • Administrative changes to LAC’s Policy on Security, which took effect on July 10, 2018, will be required to reflect the TB PGS’s new terminology of Chief Security Officer.
  • The designation of a Chief Security Officer and the Deputy Chief Security Officer at LAC has been completed.
  • LAC Security Plan 2019–22 was approved on April 1, 2019.
  • Departmental security governance established via the Emergency Management Security Committee.
  • Developing a priorities activity list to provide ability to measure progress on mitigating risks that are identified in the LAC Security Plan 2019–22.


  • Although LAC is not identified as an organization with a high level of security risk, it is essential to have the measures in place to protect its employees and the collection.
  • Security responsibilities require that managers be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Marc Leduc, Manager, Security and Emergency Management
Email: marc.leduc2@canada.ca
Tel: 613-316-6694

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