LAC's 2019–2022 Strategic Plan for People Management


  • To ensure integrated management of its resources, LAC drafts a strategic plan for people management every three years.
  • LAC’s 2019–2022 Strategic Plan for People Management takes a strategic approach based on specific operational plans that help to advance the four key areas in LAC’s people management framework: work, labour, the workplace and governance. The strategies and priorities to achieve the objectives of the plan take into account results, issues, and the internal and external transformation environment.
  • LAC will rely on the efforts it has made in implementing standardized job descriptions and career management programs for the HR, LS and PE groups, including developing and implementing competency profiles. Moreover, LAC will place more emphasis on talent management, continue to implement its learning framework, and explore more effective recruitment and staffing strategies, tools and practices.
  • LAC has also made advances in health, security and wellness in relation to governmental priorities, in particular with the development and implementation of its security plan, risk prevention program and workplace wellness strategy. These efforts will continue with the coming into force of the new Accessible Canada Act and the amendment of the Canada Labour Code (harassment and violence), which will require that we adapt our practices, policies and tools accordingly.
  • LAC’s innovative 2019–2022 Strategic Plan for People Management is a lever that truly supports the emergence of a people-centred organizational culture, in these times of talent, innovation and excellence management


Contact: Nathalie Des Rosiers, Director, HR Programs and Policies
Tel.: 613-818-1265

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