Search Help: Search for Canadian libraries

Search by Canadian Library Symbol

  • If you know the Canadian Library Symbol for the library you are looking for, enter it in the Search by Canadian Library Symbol box in the top-right corner of the directory. You will be taken directly to the entry for that library
  • If you are looking for more than one library, you can enter a string of Canadian Library Symbols in this search box all at once, with a space after each one

Search by OCLC symbol, library name, or city

  • If you don't know the Canadian Library Symbol for the library you are looking for, you can enter part or all of the OCLC symbol, the library name, and/or the city in the Search by OCLC symbol, library name, or city search box
  • You can search all three of these fields at once or choose a specific field from the dropdown list to the right of this search box
  • Enter as many keywords as you wish. Keywords do not have to occur in the same field if you choose <All>
  • Keywords will be truncated automatically (e.g., the word “green” will retrieve libraries in Greenwood as well as in Green Lake)
  • The list of search results will be sorted by relevance. Using the arrows at the top of the list, you can change the display to show the list in ascending or descending order by library symbol, name, city or province


  • If you want to find a list of libraries with particular Interlibrary Loan (ILL) policies, use the check boxes below the search boxes, either on their own or in combination with a city, province, library type or keyword
  • The Library type and Province dropdown menus can also be used on their own, or in combination with each other, with keywords, or with the policy filters

Update the directory

  • To update your library's record in the directory, search for your library and click <Edit this information> at the top of the library record page
  • You will see your library's current details, and you can edit them as necessary. You will also be given the opportunity to add more details about your library's ILL policies. This is optional, although we do ask you to tell us whether your library provides loans or copy services for monographs and serials, if you have not already done so
  • Most updates to contact and policy information will appear in the directory soon after you send them. If you are adding comments or notes, your update will be reviewed by LAC staff and translated, if necessary, before appearing online. This will take no more than five business days
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