Social Tagging FAQ

What is a tag?

A tag is a keyword or a term you can assign to a bookmarked Web site as means of classification.

How does social tagging work?

  1. You first need to create a personal account for a social tagging tool (please see below for more information on free online social tagging tools).
  2. When you see something on the Web that interests you, you can click your designated social bookmarking tool and it will automatically add the site to your personal library.
  3. You can assign as many tags to this linked site as you like, and rename, delete, add or merge tags. Since your personal library is stored on the Web, you have access to it from any computer with an Internet connection.
  4. You can also discover the links of users whose personal tags and classifications are similar to yours. Users can share their collection of links with other designated users.

Where can I find social tagging tools?

Many different types social tagging tools are freely available on the Web. No endorsement of any products or services is expressed or implied.

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