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Important notice

We have suspended thesis harvesting from university repositories in order to improve our systems. No new theses have been added to our database since summer 2016. However, the collection of 500,000+ theses remains accessible (see Obtain a Thesis or Dissertation). The harvesting will resume in 2019 and will include theses added to the repositories since 2016.


To participate in the Theses Canada program, your institution must be a member of Universities Canada, and will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Agreement with Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Under the agreement, the university agrees to obtain students’ permission for LAC to provide open online access to their work, and to ensure that students have obtained rights holder permission for any use of third party copyright content. Normally, universities will address these requirements within the license agreement they obtain from each thesis or dissertation author. More information is available on the Copyright and Third Party Permissions page.

Please note that participation in Theses Canada does not preclude a university from also submitting theses and dissertations under a separate arrangement to another agency for inclusion in its products.

Submitting Current Theses Material

Please note that Theses Canada only accepts theses and dissertations submitted from Canadian universities. We do not accept submissions directly from students. Requests to replace or remove any material must also come from universities.

Paper format not accepted

As of April 2014, LAC has phased out its use of a third party service provider to process paper theses and dissertations into microfiche and digital formats. Only digital theses and dissertations are now accepted.

Digital format

At present, theses and dissertations are only accepted as PDF files compatible with Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 or higher. There are two streams for PDF submissions to LAC.

  • Where a university has implemented an open-access repository, LAC can ingest or harvest theses and dissertations directly from the university using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). For more information about setting up an electronic repository and for technical information about Theses Canada’s harvesting program, please consult the Harvesting Program.
  • For universities that have not implemented an open-access repository, please contact Theses Canada.

Submitting Older Theses

Universities can submit digitized versions of older theses and dissertations to Theses Canada as long as the student authors have licensed the university to provide their work to Theses Canada, as per the standard agreement described above.

Important Considerations

  • Please ensure that theses and dissertations, and their associated metadata, do not contain personal information such as student numbers, signatures or other personally identifiable information as outlined in the Privacy Act.
  • If a patent is pending or if a thesis or dissertation contains sensitive or restricted information, the university may place an embargo on the document, delaying its submission to Theses Canada. Restricted or embargoed theses or dissertations are to be submitted to Theses Canada only after the embargo period has ended.
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