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Rentsch, Philip,1981-
Andrei Sakharov :from Saratov to Gorky, a Soviet physicist's journey from developing nuclear weapons to defending human rights.
M.A. -- Dalhousie University, 2007
Ottawa :Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothè€que et Archives Canada,[2007]
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Includes bibliographical references.
This thesis examines the life of Andrei Dmitrivich Sakharov. The first chapter focuses on his work developing nuclear weapons in the Soviet Union. Andrei Dmitrivich toiled in this field for twenty years but slowly became convinced that unnecessary weapons testing caused irreversible environmental and biological damage. Unable to convince his superiors of his fears, Sakharov broke ranks and aired his concerns publicly. He was dismissed from his work on secret military projects. Sakharov subsequently expanded his activism to highlight the abuses of the Soviet system. The major portion of this thesis traces Sakharov's transformation from a member of the elite to a determined and staunch critic of the leaders and policies of the USSR. A final section highlights the role of the Central Committee in dissuading Sakharov from speaking out against the regime, including authorizing negative press campaigns against him and his banishment to the provincial city of Gorky.
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