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Cole, Timothy,1981-
Growing up nuclear :Las Vegas children and the bomb.
M.A. -- University of Calgary, 2006
Ottawa :Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothè€que et Archives Canada,[2007]
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Includes bibliographical references.
This thesis is a study of how children living in Las Vegas, Nevada, understood, experienced, and were affected by nuclear tests at the nearby Nevada Test Site. It links their experiences of the test site to their exposure to civil defense programs, and to their more general experiences of the Cold War, suggesting that these inter-related concerns had a cumulative impact on children. The study is based on a series of oral history interviews conducted in Las Vegas, and on documentary and published sources from archives in Nevada. It suggests that each of the individuals interviewed experienced childhood differently, but that those of them who had similar memories were more likely to have similar political views on nuclear issues when they were interviewed. These similarities, however, suggest a complex interrelationship between memory and political belief, rather than a simple relationship of cause and effect.
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