Harvesting Program

Library and Archives Canada has temporarily suspended thesis harvesting from university institutional repositories in order for technological improvements to be made to its systems. Users of the Theses Canada Portal will be notified when harvesting recommences.

  1. General Requirements
  1. Technical Requirements

1. General Requirements

1.1 Memorandum of Agreement

The university must have signed the Theses Canada Memorandum of Agreement with Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Under this agreement, the university agrees to obtain students' permission for LAC to harvest their works, and to ensure that students have obtained rights holders' permission for use of third party copyright content. Universities are to keep records of licensing and any copyright permission letter(s).

1.2. Restricted Content

LAC does not harvest any digital thesis or dissertation when all or part of the work is restricted. Ensure that restricted theses and dissertations are put in a separate set on the server.

1.3. Record Deletion

LAC expects that records for digital theses and dissertations will only be deleted on rare occasions and in exceptional circumstances. If it becomes necessary to delete a record from the data repository, contact Theses Canada so that all references to the record can be removed from LAC's databases.

2. Technical Requirements

Technical requirements are under review while LAC upgrades its theses harvesting processes.

Please contact Theses Canada for more information.

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