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Voilà, the National Union Catalogue, is a single point of access to the collections of libraries across Canada. Included are books, magazines, maps, music, and more, including works in special format (e.g., braille, large print, talking books, captioned videos, etc.), for persons who are print- or hearing-impaired.

LAC has acquired the services of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), an international nonprofit library cooperative, to provide this service.

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Contributing records to Voilà

By subscribing to OCLC services, Canadian libraries can contribute to Voilà and help to provide a single window for Canadians and researchers from around the world seeking access to Canadian library collections. Information on subscribing to OCLC services can be obtained by contacting

LAC-Funded Subscriptions for Small Public and Academic Libraries

Information about LAC-funded subscriptions for OCLC copy cataloguing (including the sharing of holdings) and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is available on the questions and answers page.

Z39.50 Access

Libraries wishing to search Voilà using Z39.50 for ILL purposes may do so free of charge. To receive the Z39.50 configuration settings, please register with OCLC.

Libraries wishing to download MARC21 records from Voilà via Z39.50 for copy cataloguing will need a full OCLC cataloguing subscription. For further details, contact

The questions and answers page contains more information about other copy cataloguing and ILL options.

Search Help

Detailed information on searching Voilà is available online, along with a training video.

About the French interface of Voilà

When searching in the French interface, you will notice that the Boolean terms that appear in French in the dropdown menu (ET, OU, SAUF) appear in English in the search string at the top of your search results screen. We anticipate that this problem will be fixed and that the search functionality will be available in both official languages as of March 2019.

English text also currently appears in two places in the "Search Tools" section of the French Voilà interface. Search Tools appear along the left-hand side of the screen.

  • The "Library" Search Tool list allows the searcher to select which libraries to include in the search results, being all libraries around the world, Voilà (all Canadian libraries) and LAC exclusively. In this list, the English phrase "Libraries Worldwide" appears in the French interface, instead of "Bibliothèques du monde entier." OCLC anticipates resolving this issue by April 2018.
  • The "Topic" Search Tool in the French interface includes a list of Conspectus subject terminology in English only. Conspectus is a thesaurus that maps Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal Classification call number ranges to English thesaurus terms. After a search in Voilà, the "Topic" list provides English search results for each of the thesaurus terms. OCLC anticipates resolving this issue by April 2018.

Contact information

For technical questions about using Voilà, contact

For questions about joining Voilà or becoming an OCLC member, contact

To request a Canadian Library Symbol, or to update your information in the directory Symbols and Interlibrary Loan Policies in Canada, contact:

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