Canadian publishers and music producers, and what they deposit

Legal deposit applies to all Canadian publishers and producers and to materials in all mediums and formats. Only materials intended for public sale or distribution are accepted.

Who is a Canadian publisher or music producer?

The Legal Deposit of Publications Regulations define publishers who participate in legal deposit as those who make publications or music available in Canada, are authorized to reproduce them, and control the content. Those who only distribute a publication are not publishers.

  • Types of publishers
    • producers of music, video and spoken-word recordings
    • trade and small press publishers
    • academic and educational publishers
    • federal government departments and agencies
    • associations, organizations
    • self-publishers
  • A Canadian publisher
    • makes a publication available in Canada
    • publishes from an official office of business that resides within Canada
    • has indicated that the published material's place of publication is within Canada, if the place is identified
    • has at least 75% of its employees based in Canada

Titles published or produced outside of Canada

Titles by Canadian authors or artists published or produced outside of Canada are not subject to legal deposit. If authors, musicians, publishers or producers wish to donate copies of these materials to the Library and Archives Canada collection, they are welcome to send them to the following address:

Published Acquisitions
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa ON
K1A 0N4

Materials accepted through legal deposit

Submit materials in all formats such as these:

  • books (monographs)
  • serials (magazines, journals, newsletters, etc.)
  • music, video and spoken-word recordings
  • sheet music
  • microforms
  • maps
  • digital publications

Submit all of the physical formats that are published or produced (for example paperback and hardcover, or CD and vinyl). When there are both digital and physical versions, submit both versions. For music and video, only physical copies are accepted at this time.

Materials not accepted through legal deposit

  • materials not intended for public sale or distribution
  • official publications of Canadian provincial, territorial and municipal governments
  • pre-publication manuscripts or materials not formally published
  • loose-leaf publications with updates in print format
  • portions of publications (abstracts, summaries, table of contents) without the complete text
  • individual articles that are part of larger publications
  • materials missing essential attributes (a distinct title, a specific author or authoring body, a specific publication date, etc.)
  • materials with little or no substantial text (stationery, agendas, notebooks, forms, calendars, postcards, posters, newsletters, alerts, bulletins, materials that are mainly hyperlinks, etc.)
  • materials in poor physical condition
  • websites

Additional examples of materials not accepted are included in the Legal Deposit of Publications Regulations.

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