Deposit physical publications

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These instructions are for submitting physical copies of

  • monographs (books, audiobooks, CD-ROMs, maps, and multimedia kits)
  • serials (magazines, journals, newsletters, etc.)

If there are also digital formats, submit them as well. See the instructions for the deposit of digital publications.

Step 1 - Determine how many copies to submit

Submit the following number of copies for all formats published (paperback, hardcover, etc.):

  • 2 copies of all print materials (books, serials, etc.) when 100 or more copies are produced
  • 1 copy for all print materials (books, serials, etc.) when 4 to 99 copies are produced
  • 2 copies of every format published for all audiobooks
  • 1 copy of each multimedia kit

Each submission will be added as a new publication; previous submissions will not be replaced by revised versions.

Step 2 - Complete the form

See Use of personal information

Monograph publications form [PDF 86 KB]

  • Use this form to submit books, audiobooks, CD-ROMs, maps, multimedia etc.
  • Print this form on letter-sized paper

Serial publications form [PDF 72 KB]

  • Use this form to submit magazines, journals, newsletters, etc.
  • Print this form on legal-sized paper

Step 3 - Mail the materials

Mail all the materials and forms at your expense to this address:

Legal Deposit
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N4

Step 4 - What happens after you deposit

You will receive a legal deposit receipt by email. (For serials, a receipt is sent only after the first issue, or after a title change.)

Once items are received, Library and Archives Canada will

  • create a bibliographic record describing the material, which appears in VoilĂ , the national union catalogue, and in Aurora, LAC's catalogue
  • store one copy of every publication in every format in the preservation collection, where it is kept in a carefully controlled environment
  • store the second copy in the service collection for public use
  • inform the public that all materials are to be used in accordance with the Copyright Act

Questions? Contact the legal deposit team.

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