Deposit physical publications

Canadian publishers are to submit final versions of physical copies of:

  • monographs (books, audiobooks, CD-ROMs, maps, and multimedia kits)
  • serials (magazines, journals, newsletters) etc.

1. Determine how many copies to submit

Submit the following number of copies for all formats published (such as paperback, hardcover):

  • 2 copies of all print materials (such as books and serials) when 100 or more copies are produced
  • 1 copy for all print materials (such as books and serials) when 4 to 99 copies are produced
  • 2 copies of every format published for all audiobooks
  • 1 copy of each multimedia kit

2. Complete the form

Information we collect from you may be made publicly available (see Use of personal information).

For monographs

Print and complete the Monograph publications form [PDF 86 KB] to submit final versions of material such as books, audiobooks, CD-ROMs, maps, and multimedia kits.

For serials

Print and complete Serial publications form [PDF 72 KB] to submit final versions of material such as magazines, journals, newsletters.

Use this form the first time you submit a serial. Submit another form only if the title or publisher changes, or to notify us if the publication has ceased.

3. Mail the materials

Mail all the materials and forms at your expense to :

Legal Deposit
Library and Archives Canada
550 de la Cité Boulevard
Gatineau, Quebec J8T 0A7

4. After you deposit material

You will receive a legal deposit receipt by email. For serials, a receipt is sent only after the first issue, or after a title change.

Once items are received, we will:

  • create a bibliographic record describing the material, which appears in Voilà (the national union catalogue), and in Aurora (Library and Archives Canada's catalogue)
  • store one copy of every publication in every format in the preservation collection, where it is kept in a carefully controlled environment
  • store the second copy in the service collection for public use
  • inform the public that all materials are to be used in accordance with the Copyright Act, which protects the rights of creators

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