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Instructions for the Deposit of Online or Digital Publications

  • Digital publications should not be printed and sent. Instead, the digital format in which the publication was published should be deposited.
  • LAC currently prefers Adobe PDF and EPUB formats for digital publications. Publications are archived in the portable format in which they are received.
  • Where publications exist in both digital and physical formats, both mediums should be deposited.
  • Publications in formats for the Web (*HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, etc.) should not be deposited:
    • Where portable formats exist of the same publication (Adobe PDF or EPUB), these should be deposited instead.
    • Where the publication only exists in formats for the Web, please contact the Digital Legal Deposit section to discuss harvesting arrangements.

Options for deposit of digital publications:

  • Online via the Digital Collection's Upload platform (files 200 MB or less at a time) (archived site):
    • Before depositing publications, you will need to register with LAC. Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive a login that will enable you to submit publications.
    • Click on the Submit publications link, enter your login to gain access to the submissions area. Once logged in, follow the steps to submit your publication(s).
    • Once you have submitted your publication(s), you will receive an email acknowledgement.
  •  FTP (for large quantities of files):
    • Please contact LAC to set up a FTP account.
  • Email (mostly for subscriptions)
  •  CD-ROM or other storage devices, via regular mail (these are not returned to the publisher)
Note: The Digital Collection contains Canadian publications as they were originally published, and cannot be altered once archived. Please ensure that your publications are in their final version prior to submission. New editions will be added as new materials and will not replace earlier editions or copies.

What Happens After Online or Digital Publications Are Deposited?

After receipt of deposited titles, LAC: 

  • Creates a catalogue record describing the publication and makes this description available through LAC’s catalogue.
  • Archives the publication on a LAC server and adds it to LAC’s Digital Collection with its own search interface (archived sites).
    • A disclaimer is displayed (once for every new search session) which informs the viewer that the publication is an archived version. The disclaimer reads as follows:
      • “You are viewing a document archived by Library and Archives Canada. Please note, information may be out of date and some functionality lost.”
      • “You will be redirected in 15 seconds or follow this link to continue to the publication.”

Currently, LAC offers publishers a choice of two types of access levels for their digital publications: open access and restricted access. Publishers need to select one of these access options. 

  • Open access: anyone can view and download the publication through the Web. Whenever possible, we ask publishers to select this option.
  • Restricted access (usually for retail titles): publications are viewable by the public only at select terminals at LAC’s main building in Ottawa. It is not possible to print, download or transfer files from these terminals.

Note: Use of all materials is subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act.

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