Deposit music or videos


These instructions are for submitting CDs, vinyl records, cassettes, DVDs, Blu-rays and sheet music.

Submit digital sheet music by following the instructions on the Deposit digital publications page.

We are developing a process for accepting digital music and video files. Our website will be updated with the submission instructions as soon as they are available.

If you require legal deposit receipts for FACTOR or another music funder, please submit physical copies following the instructions below and send a list of digital releases to the Digital Legal Deposit team. You will receive the receipts by email.

​If you have received funding from Telefilm Canada, you must submit copies to the attention of the Telefilm Archivist, rather than to Legal Deposit.

Telefilm Archivist
Preservation Centre
625 du Carrefour Blvd.
Gatineau, QC ​J8T 8L8

For details, contact

Step 1 - Determine how many copies to submit

  • Submit 1 copy of every physical format (CD, vinyl record, cassette, etc.) for every music album
  • Submit 2 copies of every physical format for every piece of sheet music
  • Submit 2 copies of every physical format (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) for every video recording

Each submission will be added as a new acquisition; previous submissions will not be replaced by revised versions.

Step 2 - Complete the form

See Use of personal information

Print and complete the appropriate form to submit with your publication or production.

Step 3 - Mail the materials

Mail all the materials and forms at your expense to this address:

Legal Deposit
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N4

Step 4 - What happens after you deposit

You will receive a legal deposit receipt by email.

Once items are received, Library and Archives Canada will

Questions? Contact the legal deposit team.

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