Deposit digital publications

Due to technical difficulties, we are currently unable to send automatic emails regarding successful submission of digital materials, creation of new accounts and forgotten passwords. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.


These instructions are for submitting digital publications such as e-books and e-serials.

If there are also physical formats, submit them as well. See the instructions for the deposit of physical publications.

Digital music and video files cannot be accepted at this time. We are working on it and will inform you once we can accept digital music and video files.

Step 1 - Determine public access levels

When you deposit digital publications, you must specify the conditions under which the public can view your files.

  • Open access: anyone with internet access can view and download the files
  • Restricted access: the public can view the files only at select computers onsite at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) without the ability to print, download or transfer them

Step 2 - Deposit digital publications

Deposit by uploading files

Sign up

If you have not uploaded digital files before, register to deposit online publications.

Note: For the Publisher Name field, do not use letters with accents (à, é, etc.), special characters (#, &, etc.), punctuation marks (parentheses, apostrophes, periods, etc.), or foreign scripts (Chinese characters, Devanagari, etc.).

Log in to deposit by uploading

Log in to upload digital files.

  • Upload only PDF and EPUB files, or both if available
    • Do not upload web files (HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, etc.), proprietary formats (MOBI, Kindle, or iBook) or interactive PDFs
  • Upload the cover image as a separate JPEG or PNG file if your file does not include it (optional)
  • Upload files that are 200 MB or less, or contact the legal deposit team if you are submitting larger files
  • Upload files that are free from digital rights management (DRM)
  • Upload a zip archive to submit multiple files (optional)
  • Use file names that are fewer than 80 characters
    • Do not use file names with accents (à, é, etc.), special characters (#, &, etc.), punctuation marks (parentheses, apostrophes, periods, etc.), spaces (use underscores instead), or foreign scripts (Chinese characters, Devanagari, etc.)

Each submission will be added as a new publication; previous submissions will not be replaced by revised versions.

Deposit by file transfer protocol

Publishers may set up file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts if submitting large numbers of files. Contact the legal deposit team to set up an FTP account.

Publishers that use an e-book distributor can arrange to include LAC as a distribution partner.

Deposit by email (serials only)

Do not email files unless you have made special arrangements with us to do so.

Submit serial publications (magazines, journals, newsletters, etc.) by email. Do not send newsletters of local interest (for example school, church, and local association newsletters) unless you receive a request from LAC.

Contact the legal deposit team if you are submitting a new serial publication. To set up a new title, tell us your preferred public access level and make arrangements for the transfer of any available back issues.

Step 3 - What happens after you deposit

You will automatically receive an email confirming that the files were uploaded successfully (only for files submitted by uploading)

Once files are received, LAC will

  • create a bibliographic record describing each publication
  • add links to the files in the bibliographic record, which appears in Voilà, the national union catalogue, and in Aurora, LAC's catalogue. Links will be open or restricted public access as you have specified
  • archive a copy of the files
  • inform the public that all materials are to be used in accordance with the Copyright Act

When someone attempts to access a file, they will see a disclaimer, which informs them that the file may be out of date and that it may have lost some functionality. They can then follow a link to the file or will be redirected to it.

Questions? Contact the legal deposit team

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