ISSN Application Form for Canadian Serial Publications

Please note: A serial is an ongoing publication that has no predetermined end. Each part of a serial usually bears some form of numbering (e.g., volume and issue number) and/or chronological designation (e.g., month and year). A serial can be issued in any physical format (e.g., print, online). Serials include periodicals, magazines, journals, newspapers, annuals, and monographic series.

  • To be eligible, your ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) application must demonstrate significant contribution from Canadian creators (authors, editors) and/or Canadian content.
  • You may be requested to provide ISSN Canada with additional information or documentation to support your ISSN application.
  • ISSN Canada reserves the right to reject any ISSN application which contains false or misleading information or documentation.
  • If you are publishing separate language editions of your serial (e.g., an English-language edition and a French-language edition), please complete a separate application form for each edition.
  • Please allow up to ten (10) business days for your ISSN application to be processed.
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