Guidelines for information management

Listing of the various Information Management guides produced by Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in support of information management by Government of Canada employees.

Digital by 2017

Library and Archives Canada's policy position on "Digital by 2017" for transfers of archival records from government institutions.

  • Born-digital records of archival value created after April 1, 2017, are to be transferred to LAC digitally;
  • Paper records of archival value digitized by departments in the course of business are to be transferred digitally. Please note that paper records of archival value must be digitized in accordance with the Disposition Authorization (DA) for the Destruction of Source Records Following Digitization (2018/013).
  • Paper and other non-digital records created prior to April 1, 2017 and identified as archival will continue to be accepted by LAC; paper and other non-digital records created after April 1, 2017 will continue to be accepted if they are the official records being used by the department. There is no obligation on departments to digitize all archival records.
  • In exceptional cases, certain non-digital records of archival value, such as signed treaties and maps, have intrinsic value in their original state, so—even if digitized—are to be transferred to LAC in the original paper format. These records will be identified in a department's Disposition Authorization.
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